Video Editing Course

Editing is a skill and side by side art. Editing is basically done for visual purposes to keep the attention of your audience. This video editing course is basically concerned with the editing of the film and TV industry. The duties of these editors are specialized in the task that they perform for the Film industry such as sound or music editors.
Yet, with the advancement in technology and innovation of new varieties of media (like YouTube, Netflix, and free cost non-linear video editing software) film industry has developed into a new field, hence utilizing the services of a freelance video editor.

Distinct features:

Qualified and skilled tutors will teach you the newest techniques in animation production by using cutting-edge software. believes that classroom education is deficient and useless unless you get to work on practical projects. We will provide you multiple projects throughout the video editing course to enhance your learning skills and abilities. We have well-equipped animations in classrooms, computer labs. The library is also available with having advanced technology that is vital to improving your knowledge and information. We carry out learning in an interactive and visually captivating atmosphere. Thus, this course will make you a professional and artistic video editor practiced to build improved products by gaining job experience in our institute during your internship phase.

Videography Course

The creative course of Videography is designed by Media Active to make professional videographers with great editing skills so that they may produce creative corporate videos, TVCs, Documentaries, Music Videos, Wedding Videos & Videos for Blogs or Youtube Channels. We also offer an online video editing course in Karachi.

We will Cover in Detail:

Week 1 & 2

  • Introduction of Photography and Videography
  • Types of Cameras and Lenses, and their uses
  • Exposure Triangle and Color Temperature
  • Focusing and Metering Modes in DSLR

Week 3 & 4

  • Frame Per Second & Video Formats under PAL/NTSC
  • The art of Scriptwriting and Story Boarding
  • Types of Shots in a video
  • 180-degree rule
  • Using stands and stabilizers for Smoother shots

Week 5 & 6

  • Preparing the set and location scouting
  • Setting up the Lighting and Audio on set
  • Budgeting, Casting, and Crew
  • Cuts and Transition
  • Blocking the scene, Rehearsal, and shooting

Week 7 & 8

  • Editing and Mixing the video in Premiere Pro
  • Color correction and Color Grading in Premiere Pro
  • Recording the slow-motion and time-lapse video
  • Adding music, sound effects and voice-overs in the video
  • Adding credits & Exporting the video in different sizes & formats

Projects & Assignments

  • Making a short film
  • Music Video
  • Commercials
  • Documentary
  • Covering events
  • Weddings

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