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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is completely essential to have your website achieve best ranking in all the search engines including Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, Overture, Alta-Vista and many more.

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Over a very short period of time, social media marketing has changed the face of online communication and promotion. Recent statistics show there are almost 3 Billion internet users (and growing) and there are 1 billion Facebook and 600 million Twitter users. Public opinion and insights are modelled and expressed on social media websites in a louder and more effective way. Such a massive number of users multiplied by numbers of interactions generated every day is proof that social media is a powerful tool to be reckoned with, and leveraged.

We will ensure your business gets supreme visibility on the best search engines and you grab the major market share. Media Active believes in providing you the best exclusive quality service. We believes in not only getting the highest traffic on your site but we plan and ensure that we arrange your objectives and cater to your target market. It is only at Media Active that you will find pure marketers who will take complete interest in your business and make sure it bangs.
Media Active SEO team of professionals will carefully go through your business needs and your requirements to find the most appropriate keyword phrases that match your web site and are currently being used by Internet viewers. Using your primary key phrases appropriate to each page, Media Active will optimize your pages to meet current search engine listing criteria and SEO best practices. Media Active has link building experts. Our team of experts will get in-depth with your Internet competition and identify how their driving traffic towards their site and we work to get you the same results.
Media Active will provide Initial reports such as current traffic, site ranking, log analysis reports and daily statistics in order to establish the initial conditions. And make sure to maintain the current site ranking through continuously re-optimizing, revisiting and introducing new keywords to ensure stability and constant growth. Just remember, if you are our client you can leave all the worry and hassle for us. We guarantee you 100 % results. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and several others all play very vital roles in the global arena of service and product advertising and marketing. If your company’s goal is to maintain and increase product or service visibility to a wider network of potential consumers, or to keep a finger on the pulse of current trends and developments, then a presence on the many and growing influential social media networking sites is essential to your online marketing efforts.
Media Active respects the power of this new form of online marketing and has the spirited know-how and experience to include our clients into the mix of hip, popular and trending communication of the social masses. By skillfully and properly leveraging the advantages of the different social media sites and offering effective social media marketing services, we get your company into the viral stratosphere. We know that merely creating an account and posting a few tweets or the occasional promotional status isn’t going to help our clients meet and exceed their marketing expectations. A company must get inside the mind of the consumer with a variety of campaign strategies to stir and maintain interest; and one of the best ways to enter such a coveted space is through the use of SMO services.
Media Active understands that to successfully capture and harness the networking force of SMO services, one must acquire useful, functional and compelling content. Product and/or service pages on the various social media networking sites should be carefully designed to reach their target market and entice new followers or patrons that will help spread the word of your company, its products, and services with more quickly and effectively.

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Social media marketing, also known as social media optimization or SMO, is recognized as an important facet of service and product advertising. Solutions provide SEO platform including:

  • SEO Consultancy
  • SEO Audit & Analysis
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Meta tag and title tag addition
  • Link Building & Directory Submission
  • Forum & Blog Posting

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